ROCKS COLUMN: Jack's not everyone's cup of tea, but is he the right brew for now?

My old BBC colleague and former Brighton star Adam Hinshelwood left Hastings Utd last week to take up the Worthing job, writes Dean Adams.

Wednesday, 4th October 2017, 6:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:27 pm
Jack Pearce with Kenny Jackett at the Rocks-Pompey friendly / Picture by Tim Hale

I was a big supporter of his for the position at Nyewood Lane in the summer – a position that still needs addressing, according to me and many supporters.

Adam’s first job as Worthing boss was to dual-sign Alex Parsons, who bizarrely made his home debut for Worthing in the home dressing room at Bognor, as they are ground-sharing at the Lane because of their on-going pitch problems.

Oh, and Alex scored!

It will be nice to see which players Jack Pearce brings into the club because I, like many, have been surprised by Parsons dual-signing with Worthing.

We outsiders don’t run the club. We don’t know the ins and outs. We all think we know better. We all play Championship Manager and think we are better than Jack.

But I do believe the squad is weaker than last season – and this I can’t understand.

A bit like when the club appointed Jamie Howell many moons ago, a new young manager like Hinshelwood needs to come in and be given time.

I read on message boards and social media some of the harsh ‘abuse’ Jack gets and he doesn’t deserve this. Some of it is childish and totally disrespectful. It’s easy to be a keyboard warrior. Could the club have pushed on years ago without Jack involved? I doubt it.

The club are in the National League South – two promotions from the Football League.

It was only a month ago I was dreaming of seeing Bognor play away at Leyton Orient next season. This dream could be reality one day, no doubt.

But I just feel the club dragged their heels over the summer in appointing a manager before bizarrely getting it wrong with Sami El-Abd and leaving Jack to pick up the pieces.

Jack was obviously an important decision-maker in this whole process but it’s also left him, as manager, now playing catch-up and reshaping his squad a couple of months into the season.

Priority this season is to finish no lower than fourth from bottom and for the club to look into getting a long-term, hungry young manager in who can deal with players of this level.

Is it dangerous to make this change now at the top? I don’t know. The Rocks are fifth bottom and if Jamie Howell was in charge he’d probably pick up his phone and get some advice – and he’d probably lean on Jack’s experience.

So, maybe, Jack’s right for now. He’s not everybody’s cup of tea – but he’s possibly the right brew for another few months.

One day it would be nice to see Jack at the club ‘doing nothing’. He deserves our respect – and he deserves to sit back and watch the games these days after all he has done for the club. Not managing. Not selling raffle tickets. Just enjoying his football and letting his coronary arteries have a well-overdue rest.

So, if the club are mid-table at Christmas, I’d bring in a new Santa Claus for next season and buy Jack a pipe and slippers.

by Sky Sports reporter Dean Adams

@deanoadams on Twitter