Talking Sport: What do you think of the Observer sport ‘show’ so far?

It’s very nearly one year since this column first appeared – in the first compact-size edition of the Observer, writes sports editor Steve Bone.

Hard to believe that since then, one football, rugby and hockey season has passed, a summer of cricket has come and gone and those ‘winter’ sports have returned.

The looming anniversary got me thinking it was a good time to ask how you rate the show so far.

Do the sports pages give you what you want as a reader? Or as a player, fan or manager?

I’ve been quite pleased with the way all our local sport has slotted into the new-look (or now not-so-new-look) paper.

A number of sports have actually been given a better show in this format than they used to get in the old broadsheet pages.

Hockey, athletics, golf, rugby and bowls, for example, now regularly get a whole page to themselves – where they used to share a larger page with three or sometimes more other sports.

Football and cricket get two or three pages a week in their respective seasons and I like to think that everyone who wants to be part of our sporting coverage gets the chance. But that doesn’t mean this section of the paper is a finished product, or anything like perfect.

Often it’s a job to fit everything in. Match reports sometimes have to be edited more heavily than I’d like, or more timeless articles and pictures have to wait a week or three to get in.

So what I need is your feedback. What do you like about the sports pages and what don’t you like?

And I’m also on the lookout for more people from more sports who want to ‘borrow’ this particular column from time to time.

You may have read Diary from the Downs, Focus on Fontwell and Setting Sail in these pages over the past year – but does your sport deserve a similar platform?

Could you write once a month about the local football, rugby or hockey scene?

If so, and if you’ve anything to say about the sports coverage in the Observer or on this website, drop me a line – I (probably) won’t bite.

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