VIDEO: When Goodwood says bye to jockeys, hello to a disc jockey

If you’ve been to one of Goodwood’s Three Friday Nights events, you’ll probably have seen the way the parade ring and winner’s enclosure are transformed into a dance floor.

It’s a sight to behold as the operations team lay the floor and get everything ready in the short half-hour window between the last race and the opening of the music set.

Friday Night at Goodwood.

Friday Night at Goodwood.

If you’ve not seen it, here’s your chance. We figured you wouldn’t want to sit through a whole half-hour video showing how it’s done so we may have speeded up the process just a little.

The footage begins with parade ring MC Philip Branning making his final announcements of the night and ends with Radio 1 and MTV favourite Zane Lowe getting the music started.