Art world thriller from Chichester author

Steven F Galloway
Steven F Galloway

Eagle-eyed readers will notice a familiar landmark on the front cover of a Chichester author’s latest book.

Provenance, by Steven F Galloway, is set in the world of art and tells the story of National Gallery employee Charlie Marks, who inherits a painting which could be a lost work by a legendary old master. Or it could be a worthless fake.

Charlie, alongside young colleague Devon, embarks on a quest to prove the painting’s provenance, but it soon transpires that someone else is after the painting, and they’re prepared to kill to get it.

As the mystery around the picture’s past deepens Charlie finds himself drawn into a tangled history which takes him all the way back to World War Two and his own family’s past.

Chichester-based author Steven (38), who also works as a college lecturer, drew inspiration from his own interest in art, and in particular visits to London’s National Gallery and Chichester’s Pallant House Gallery.

“Charlie’s a bit like me, in that he has an interest in art but is by no means an expert. He goes on a voyage of discovery throughout the book, and soon his mission to prove the painting’ provenance becomes the most important thing in his life,” said Steven.

“When it came to creating a front cover image for the book, Pallant House Gallery seemed like the ideal backdrop. It’s a place which helped spark my interest in art, and it’s just around the corner from me. We’re lucky in Chichester to have such a fabulous place on our doorstep.”

Provenance is available on Amazon now in both eBook and paperback formats. Steven has published several other novels on Amazon, including The Lake, Sarah Dee Was Here and Being Waterproof.

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