'Chichester is living in the past': Observer readers respond to councillors' ice rink concerns

Observer readers have responded to councillors' concerns about the proposed ice rink in Priory Park.

Thursday, 1st November 2018, 10:04 am
Updated Thursday, 1st November 2018, 10:10 am
Priory Park, Chichester
Priory Park, Chichester

The proposed location for a temporary ice rink in Chichester has sparked debate this week.

At a Chichester City Council meeting on Monday night, councillors questioned the necessity of an alcohol licence and raised concerns about the effect high levels of noise might have on nearby residents.

However, several Observer readers have hit back saying Priory Park is the ‘perfect location’ and people should be allowed to ‘have some fun’ in Chichester.

Judith O’Sullivan, commenting on the Chichester Observer Facebook page, said Priory Park should be given ‘a chance’.

She added: “It has space, is away from traffic, not used so much in winter, central to the towns shops and cafes [and is] a lovely spot.”

Rachel Holcroft said it is ‘definitely the best place’. She added: “[There is] not much else going on in there during the winter. We all might be able to have, dare I say it, fun!”

Dan Jones stressed that it wouldn’t be a ‘two-month rock concert’.

“It’s people sliding around on ice having fun, feeling festive and spending money in Chichester,” he added.

Clare Pascoe claimed that Chichester is ‘living in the past’ and the city needs to accommodate for young people and families.

She added: "We all need to live and progress as one. This ice rink is a good thing! The pros far outweigh the cons."

Annie Farwell said Priory Park is the 'ideal place' for an ice rink and it would 'enhance the city at Christmas-time'.

Laura Duke suggested that it is a 'no brainier' and Chichester 'needs this'.

Rebecca Saunders argued against the council alcohol concerns saying that people won’t be going to an ice rink for a ‘big night out’.

She added: “It’s going to be a couple of social drinks.

“If people want a night out drinking, they will go to a nice warm pub, not an ice rink in Priory Park.”

However, Jason Butcher asked why an alcohol licence is needed.

He said: “This event will be predominantly attended by families. Why not just have a family friendly rink, no music after 5pm and a couple of food stalls?”

Tim Reedman suggested some potentially better locations. “Chi gate, Oakland’s Park, New Park, Cattle Market car park, (Chichester) College fields, need I go on?”

Offering a balanced argument, Tim Russell commented: "A temporary ice rink for families to enjoy during the Christmas festive period is definitely a great idea.

"I oppose the use for late evening use and alcohol sales though. Priory park would make an excellent venue for a Christmas village."

Moira Strickland worried that it may be too late for the ice rink saying that the decision 'should have been made months ago' and it is 'ridiculous leaving it this late'.

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