Consort of Twelve concert will support Fishbourne church

Musicians from The Consort of Twelve are offering a concert in aid of St Peter & St Mary Church, Fishbourne on Saturday, October 19 at 6pm.

Tuesday, 15th October 2019, 11:11 am
David, Sophie and Lynden

Sophie Middleditch – recorder; Ada Witczyk – Baroque violin; Lynden Cranham – Baroque cello; and David Pollock – harpsichord combine for an evening of Baroque chamber music on period instruments in the church, followed by supper in St Peter’s Place.

The concert sees the Consort showing its appreciation of the support the venue has given them.

Sophie explained: “The reason we are doing it is because the church is desperately in need of its interior decoration redoing. It is a major undertaking. The church is trying to raise £15,000, and I think it will need to raise slightly more than that.

“So the four of us are representing the Consort of Twelve on the night.

“The Consort of Twelve for the last three or four years has rehearsed there for the first of its two days of rehearsals, and we have a reciprocal agreement going on. The church has been very helpful to us.

“They let us hire the church hall for a good rate, and so we are wanting to say thank you and to support them.

“But because of the size of the church we can’t fit the whole of The Consort of Twelve in there so it is just the four of us, each one representing a section of the orchestra.”

In effect, the four are three quarters of the Parnassian Ensemble – plus Ada.

“Ada is a very fine London-based Baroque violinist. David and Lynden and I have played together a lot.”

It all represents the latest chapter in The Consort of Twelve’s continuing story of success.

The Consort was founded by Ian Graham-Jones who retired four or five years ago.

“He started it all and still comes to the concerts, and as a committee since he retired, we have been learning a lot.

“He was a remarkable person.

“He always did everything. But we decided to work as a committee to see if we could make the Consort of Twelve continue, and I am pleased to say that it has gone really well.

“I think we are going from strength to strength.”

The concert in the church will be followed by a rustic supper.

Sophie and the team are promising an appealing programme.

“It will be a mixed Baroque programme featuring some big names from the Baroque world (Handel, Telemann and Quantz).

“The combination of recorder and Baroque violin will work perfectly with the combination that we have got, and it is great to be able to explore that repertoire.

“The general idea is that we will give 60 minutes of music which we will introduce in our usual way and then we will all go to the church hall, this lovely new modern building where we rehearse, and we will have supper.

“If you give musicians music, a place to play and food, then we are happy! We are very simple creatures!

“Food and music and somewhere to play... it’s all we ever really want!”

Tickets £15 and £8 for aged 18 and under from [email protected]

Or you can order your tickets by calling Jennie on 01243 532642.

Or you can send a cheque made out to PCC St Peter and St Mary with a stamped addressed envelope to 40 Barker Close, Fishbourne, Chichester, PO18 8BJ.