The Garden Show at Stansted Park promises a wealth of pleasures

The Garden Show at Stansted Park promises a wealth of pleasures over the weekend June 11-13, open 10am-5pm daily (last entry 4pm).

Saturday, 29th May 2021, 7:05 am
Stansted House Garden Show

Spokeswoman Emily Clay said: “We are sure you are as keen to get out and about as we are. The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all our lives and nearly cast a blight last year on that otherwise hardy perennial, The Garden Show at Stansted Park However in the end it took place in September and proved to be as joyful an occasion as ever. We are pleased to announce the show is good to go ahead and ready to blossom again at the more usual time June 11-13 this year.

“Please be aware that the showground layout will be altered a little so that physical distancing can be maintained and other safety regulations will be implemented so you may be confident that everyone’s well-being and good health comes first.

“There will be necessary changes. However the heart of the show remains the same: to support the smaller business and have a good day out in a beautiful location. Now is the chance to be social and gather together again, albeit a little apart.

“The 27th Garden Show at Stansted Park is the perfect event to find all you need to make your garden grow and refresh your home, a great opportunity to explore what’s on the doorstep; source new talent, designers and artisans; browse affordable and handpicked companies showcasing the latest specialist plants, garden and home accessories, art, design, sculpture, fashion, gifts; and then treat your taste buds to tempting foods and wines.

“It’s also a good opportunity to learn about gardening. Pick up top tips from horticultural experts to solve those frustrating problems. They know what they are doing. As ever the specialist plantsmen will bring their knowledge and an abundance of beautiful plants. It’s a great chance to get your garden into shape and with the show’s environmentalists, Jules and Lance, brilliant advice you can be sure that any garden will grow into heathy and happy places and any garden ailments resolved in as friendly a way as possible!

“There won’t be the daily talks this year. However there will be just one given by Ben Cross from Crosslands Nursery who will be joining us on Sunday at 1.30pm to extol, in his usual energetic way, on the British Cut Flower Industry … British Flowers Rock!

“In 2020 Ben grew a bumper crop of flowers, but was worried that they would go to waste, so instead he teamed up with a supermarket to send his blooms to frontline NHS workers with their food orders.

“The Show’s chosen charity is CancerWise ( aspiring to be an enabling, compassionate community for people with cancer and those who care for them. Based in Chichester, it offers support and information to anyone who is concerned about cancer. Through counselling, complementary therapies or emotional care, it provides support to the mind, body, spirit and emotional health of people through and beyond cancer. They are much need of support currently and they will be holding a giant tombola along with fete fun guessing games.

“There is plenty to engage your children and indeed the whole family: watch children play in the beautiful parklands, learn to juggle, ride on the toddler fun fair, watch puppet shows and then explore the arboretum or watch Huxley Birds of Prey soar through the skies.

“The show has adapted over the years and continues to adapt whilst holding onto the original concept – an opportunity to source an innovative range of items for the house, garden and oneself. As always there will be a plethora of stands bursting with quality and stylish wares. A chance to rejuvenate your home and make you and your life feel much better!”

“We strongly advise pre-booked tickets for safer, fast track, guaranteed entry. Tickets available on the day. However please be aware there is a showground capacity.”