Artist unveils fountain in Chichester gardens

Rosie Hewitt with her fountain in Bishop's Palace Gardens
Rosie Hewitt with her fountain in Bishop's Palace Gardens

A NEW fountain designed and made by a West Sussex artist has been unveiled in the picturesque Bishop’s Palace Gardens.

Rosie Hewitt, who lives in Arundel and went to school in Chichester, approached Chichester District Council and the Friends of Bishop’s Palace Gardens to see if a fountain was being created for the pond.

She designed Pace Emano, which means ‘flow with peace’.

Ms Hewitt said: “I am really pleased to have contributed something to the gardens, which are a place I have enjoyed for many years.

“I love all the work that was done a few years back, the beautiful, contemporary planting and the redesign of the beds and structure to bring the garden to a more cohesive whole and draw the visitor to the new pool that was created.

“The Friends didn’t want anything that would be too loud or intrusive as the garden is really a peaceful sanctuary in the middle of the city. It’s also a place for everyone – children playing, teenagers meeting, couples sitting together on benches.

“So the theme of ‘peace’ was a natural inspiration for me.”

She said the aim was to provide a focal point, not an intrusion – something people could use as a point of peaceful contemplation.

“That’s why the structure can be looked through, it provides a clear and elegant geometric shape on approach, but does not obscure the view,” said Ms Hewitt.

“The colours reflect the colours of the cathedral and the materials are significant in that I’ve used mosaic tiles in reference to the Roman history of the city. It’s a great thing to have a chance to contribute something in such a good spot, central to the city, next to the cathedral, and in a beautiful public place – a place where I grew up, and now where my children play.”