New Chichester comedy club up and laughing!

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After decades away, Tim Weeks fancied reviving his stand-up comedy career.

When he discovered there wasn’t a comedy club in Chichester to book him, he decided to create his own.

Tim Weeks

Tim Weeks

The Chilled Chicken Comedy Club enjoyed a sell-out on its very first outing, was back again at the end of October and now meets for the third time on Thursday, November 28 at the Chichester Inn, West Street, Chichester.

East Dean-based Tim said: “We decided that it was about time that Chichester had a regular comedy venue. There just hasn’t been one.”

Meeting on the last Thursday of the month (excluding December), the club will offer four or five comedians each time, of which Tim will be one.

“That’s partly the reason I am doing it. Having done a bit of stand-up when I was living in London, I thought it would be nice to get back into it.”

From November, Tim assumes MC duties for the club as well: “I started doing stand-up in the late 80s. I had always had a bit of a sense of humour. I was writing for Spitting Images and Weekending. I was just writing general topical satire, sending up the topical news stories of the day. I also wrote stuff for a show called News Review.

“But you see people performing material you have written, and you think they are doing it all wrong. You want to get up and deliver the stuff yourself how it should be delivered. It’s very scary, but I find it thrilling. It’s a huge adrenalin rush. You would never get me skiing. You would never get me jumping out of a plane with a parachute. But I can get up on stage. I can understand why a lot of people would not do it, but a lot of the people that say that are people who would happily strap two planks of wood to their feet and slide down a mountain!

“For the show, you make the script up and rehearse and rehearse it, in my case wandering around the woods up at East Dean, but you have still got to be capable of responding to things that have just happened or things that people shout out. The idea is that you make the whole thing appear as if it has all just occurred to you!”

As Tim says, his comedy is observational: “It’s a sideways look at how the world is now and how stupid it can be.”

After strong audiences so far, Tim is urging people to get their tickets in advance from the pub at £6, as tickets on the door are likely to be limited. Doors 7.30pm.

“After improvements to the PA, we can guarantee everybody will be able to hear.”