Robin wants us to remember the real reason for Christmas

Barnham-based composer Robin Mayhew is hoping for a YouTube sensation with his attempt to put the real meaning of Christmas back into the festive season.

Robin has come up with a carol, The Age Old Reason For Joy, which, he says, sums up all that Christmas should be about.

He recently recorded it with the combined forces of St Mary’s Church choir, Walberton; Chichester-based choir Il Campane; and Walberton and Binsted C of E primary school.

Robin is now hoping the carol will reach the widest possible audience through YouTube.

He is hoping other choirs up and down the country will follow suit. Robin has already contacted hundreds of choral societies across the nation.

He is also putting out the word that everything you need to rehearse and perform the carol is available on his website:

“Like many people, I am saddened by the way commercialism fills Christmas every year. I understand that Christmas is joyous and people need to have fun, and I don’t want to be boring and saying you have to remember about Jesus Christ all the time.

“But at the same time, I want people to realise what they are celebrating. The commerciality tends to overshadow the real meaning and why we celebrate this wonderful day.

“I wrote this carol really as a wake-up call to give people a little bit of the sense of history but also to push young people towards what it is all really about.

“Learn to sing this carol at the top of your voice. You can download everything needed for free – the score, the accompaniment and the words, so fill your house, church or school with fun and joy. Anyone and everyone who wants to be a part, can join in the singing and help spread the universal message.”

Robin urged people to contact their local choirs.

“The chances are that some will know about this carol and perhaps just be starting 
rehearsals so to add it to their Christmas repertoires.”

Robin has a proud record of mass singing community projects, including success with his Refuse To Lose song and initiative which he created especially for last year’s London Olympics, offering a strong, positive message for young people.

Robin worked as a sound engineer with many 70s artists including Lou Reed, Mott the Hoople, David Essex, Blondie and The Stranglers.