WATCH: Chichester University professor makes soundtrack for multimillion-selling videogame

University of Chichester professor Stephen Baysted scoring Project Cars 2 soundtrack
University of Chichester professor Stephen Baysted scoring Project Cars 2 soundtrack

A behind-the-scenes documentary has shown how a University of Chichester lecturer scored the soundtrack to one of the most highly-anticipated videogames of 2017.

The short film tracks Stephen Baysted, a professor of film, television, and games composition, during the recording sessions of simulator Project CARS 2.

The all-action videogame, which is released on September 22, is a multiplatform motorsport racer which continues the multimillion-selling franchise from 2015.

Professor Baysted said: “The underlying concept of the soundtrack is to try to get inside the mind of the racing driver, those gifted sportspeople who with raw determination, skill, and inner strength put their lives on the line and go all out to win.

“It is consequently an epic cinematic score in scope and style, but there are also more reflective and meditative moments especially in the track Race to Win which is a tribute to the late Ayrton Senna.”

The soundtrack to the game was recorded by Professor Baysted at the world-renowned Air Lyndhurst Studios in London where Oscar-winning films including the Harry Potter franchise, Gladiator, Interstellar, and Pirates of the Caribbean were recorded.

Professor Baystead said: “The process of making a game is a very long and complex one, and this is the end of a four-month process of writing the music, but the game itself has been in development for two years and is the work of nearly 200 people.

“I am also audio director which means that with my team I am responsible for all of the audio in the game: car sounds, environments, the user interface, and the publicity trailers.

“The video chronicles some of that writing process in my studio in Chichester, some of the planning of the orchestral sessions with Andy Brown, director of the London Metropolitan Orchestra, and the recording and mixing sessions at Air Studios.”

Professor Baysted, who is based in the University’s department of creative & digital technologies, is currently designing a range of specialist under and postgraduate degree courses in audio design, audio production, and film, TV, and Games composition.

The new courses will draw on his professional industry experience and will be taught in the institution’s new multimillion-pound Engineering and Digital Technology Park.

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