Best-selling author Beryl Kingston joins the Festival of Chichester

Beryl Kingston
Beryl Kingston

Best-selling author Beryl Kingston will make a rare appearance at the Festival of Chichester on Monday, July 1.

She will be taking part in a panel on historical fiction organised by the writers’ network CHINDI. She joins four other local writers of historical fiction and biography – J L Dean, Susanne Haywood, Rosemary Noble and Derek Nudd – for Putting the Story into History.

CHINDI spokeswoman Patricia Feinberg Stoner said: “They will discuss writing about history, the pitfalls and surprises, the research and the joy.

“Beryl, who lives in Bognor Regis, is the author of 23 historical novels including Gates of Paradise, a novel about the three years the poet William Blake spent in Felpham. In 1914 she won the Blake Society Tithe Grant Award. Her new book Citizen Armies will be published on September 2 to coincide with the anniversary of the outbreak of World War Two.”

Patricia added: “CHINDI – Celebrating and Helping Indy Authors – is a network of writers mainly from West Sussex, some independently and some traditionally published, all dedicated to helping, promoting and supporting one another.

“Putting the Story into History is one of three panels organised by CHINDI for the Festival of Chichester. The other two are Promote that Book and A Glimpse of Life – a session on short stories. Tickets from The Novium or on 01243 816 525.

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