Christmas collection from Chichester independent writers group Chindi

Christmas collection
Christmas collection

Chichester independent writers group Chindi is publishing a new anthology of seasonal tales with a Sussex connection.

A Feast of Christmas Stories is a collection of 16 tales with a Sussex theme. Among them are The First Christmas of the War, a new story from best-selling author Beryl Kingston, and Stranger on the Shore, a heart-warming ghost story by Angela Petch, recently nominated by The People’s Friend as their Author of the Week. Beryl, who has agreed to be Chindi’s patron, she will be speaking at a launch party for the book on the evening of November 6 at the Swan in Arundel.

The book will be published on October 20 and can be pre-ordered now as an e-book on all platforms at a price of £2.99. The paperback will be available at a price of £7 from Amazon, Chindi Authors ( and from local bookshops. As a special launch offer, the paperback will be available for £6 from Chindi Authors before November 15.

Chindi is a network of authors based largely, but not exclusively, in West Sussex.

The book includes:

The First Christmas of the War by Beryl Kingston. A story taken from her own childhood: a small girl desperately wants a toy theatre for Christmas but it is given to her younger sister.

Tiny Tim and the Glittery Reindeer by Christopher Joyce. Eddie Neaser works in a garden centre and is regularly visited by Tim Cratchit, a little boy who is being treated for cancer.

Side by Side by Alan Readman. A new take on the Christmas Truce of WWI.

The Christmas Present by Maralyn Green. A risqué and funny story about a Robert – lifelike robot who does chores and other stuff...

Moon Shadows by Bruce Macfarlane. A man relives fatal car crash in which his wife died, but he is a ghost too. They spend one night a year together.

Christmas Spirit by Carol Thomas. A woman takes on allotment and meets the ghost of the old lady who was the previous owner.

The Knucker’s first Christmas by Patricia Feinberg Stoner. Imagining that local legend the Knucker wakes on Christmas Eve. He is a dragon who lives in a cave by Lyminster Church.

Pudding by Lexi Rees. Rival sisters: one has social media lifestyle, the other moves into a country cottage and discovers recipe for Sussex Pond Pudding after a cat trashes her Christmas pud.

Christmas Repeats by Phil Clinker. A woman with incipient Alzheimer’s befriends man in bus shelter. Three meetings told in virtually the same words as she struggles to remember.

Stranger on the Shore by Angela Petch. A woman and her children encounter the ghost of an elderly man on the sea shore, but don’t realise he is a ghost.

The Best-Behaved Girl in Bognor by Julia MacFarlane. A little girl covets a china doll. She gets it for Christmas, but running to show her parents she trips and the doll is smashed.

Winter Solstice by Patricia Osborne. A girl flees a conventional wedding to marry her biker boyfriend in a hippy wedding.

Chillblains by Isabella Muir. A girl with a boring job ditches it and her boyfriend to go home for Christmas. He follows her.

The Gift by Susanne Haywood. Santa complains he never gets a gift until a cat presents him with a toy mouse.

When the Bee Choir Sings by Rosemary Noble. A woman in prison on the eve of transportation is remembering her past life, how her husband said bees sing at Christmas. Based on the story of a washerwoman who died in Tasmania in 1848 a year after being transported.

The Mystery of the Phantom Santa by Peter Bartram. A light-hearted story about crime reporter Crampton of the Chronicle who comes up with a lead story for Christmas.

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