Food and fun served up in big portions in Emsworth

It's the weekend of The Big Feast in Emsworth - and no-one is going hungry for something to do (or eat).

The town has been a hive of activity as locals and visitors enjoy activities including market stalls, a showcase of local produce, live music and apple pressing.

Treagust butchers serve up hot dogs and more

Treagust butchers serve up hot dogs and more

It's the middle weekend of the town's Food Fortnight, an annual event which has grown into an award-winning celebration of food and drink with emphasis on education and community spirit.

Get a little taste of the event in our footage, above, and see below a list of events happening today and over the remainder of Food Fortnight.

Here are the main (but not all) events still to be held, including those ongoing today (Sept 30).

* Taking the Harvest to Primary Schools. In conjunction with Hampshire Farmers’ Market, food education workshops will be hosted for pupils at primary schools.

* Emsworth Beer and Cider Festival, ending Sunday 30 at Emsworth Community Centre. Enjoy up to 30 great British beers, both local and from further afield, combined with some astonishingly good English wines and cider, as well as live entertainment and local food producers.

* Emsworth, The Grape Escape, ending Sunday 30. Organised by the area’s four local independent wine merchants, this is a wonderful opportunity to taste more than 40 wines and spirits. While focusing on award-winning English wines, there will be some fantastic wines from other regions, from Rioja to Stellenbosch. And it’s not just wine on offer, there will be a range of British gins and the English Whisky Co will also be there.

* A ‘Thought for Food’ Local Showcase Market, ending Sunday 30. Created to enable food and drink producers from West Sussex and Hampshire to come together and showcase their products in Emsworth, this outdoor market has proved a big hit with visitors and producers. There will be live music in association with Harbour Records.

* Emsworth Apple Pressing Day, today, Sunday, September 30. A real community event. Local apples grown by residents producing Emsworth Apple Presse in the Square. The label for this year will be unveiled on the day, designed by a primary school pupil.

* The ‘Great British Menu’ College Lunches. Catering students from two local colleges take over the Brookfield Hotel and design, prepare and serve a ‘Great British Menu’. Fareham College students do it on October 3 and Highbury College on October 4.

* Surplus Supper, Tuppenny Barn, Saturday, October 6. A collaboration with UK Harvest highlighting food waste and food education. Park Community School will assist chef Steven Cross in the kitchen to prepare.

* A Boost of Kindness Food Bank collection points will be prominent in Emsworth over the fortnight for the Beacon Food Bank, ending in a Food Mountain being built on Sunday, October 7.

* A Special Community Harvest Festival Service in St Peter’s Square, Sunday October 7, 11.30am.