Chichester Festival for Music Dance and Speech 2015

Results for this year include:

Results for Piano section held in the Millennium Hall, Westbourne House School on Saturday 7th/Sunday 8th March

Most Outstanding Performance in Piano Classes; Timothy Rumsey and Annie Frazer

Most Promising Piano Duet Partnership; Lara and Nicole Simpson

154 Beginners Age under 8: 1 Conor Stretch; 2 Rupert Howarth

130 Age under 8 Grade 1+: 1 Oscar Tallis; 2. Poppy Rayment

130a Age 8-9 Grade 2+: 1 Koby Craig; 2. Joshua Chatfield

154a Beginners Age 8-9: 1 Bradley Harman; 2. Isobel Burton

131 Age 8-9 Grade 2 & under: 1 Theodore Smith; 2 Ben Murray and Poppy Walker

131a Age 8-9 Grade 3+: 1 Daniel Clarke; 2 Lara Simpson

194 Jazz Age Under 9; 1 Joshua Chatfield

155 Beginners age 10-11: 1 Ollie McCrirrick

195 Jazz Age 10-11; 1. Jack Waddington

153 Novice under 12: 1 Lois Lezdkan

132a Age 10-11 Grade 4+: 1 Michael Hambleton; 2 Eleanor Lynch-Williams

156 Late Beginners Age 14-15; 1. Harry McCrirrick

145 Bach Age 10 & under; 1 Lois Lezdkan

145a Bach Age 14 & under; 1 Sebastian Power

146a Piano Sonatina Age 12 & under; 1. Lois Lezdkan

133 Age 12-13: 1 Annie Frazer

138 Grade 5 & above under 14; 1. Sebastian Power

134 Age 14-15; 1 Zoe Barnett

178 Duet Age under 10 and Parent; 1.Oscar and Helen Tallis

179 Duet Age 10+ and Parent; 1.Jedd and Madeleine Owen-Ellis Clarke

179a Duet Age 10+ and Teacher; 1.Claudia Lawson and Jane Hicks

170 Duet Age 12 and under: 1. Lara and Nicole Simpson

183 Piano Duo Any Age: 1. Ellie Cox and Georgie Morris

180 Piano Trio Any Age: The Lawson Trio

160 Grade 1: 1 Bea Harmston, 2 Jess Skillicorn and Ben Millward-Sadler

161 Grade 2: 1 Ellie Cox; 2 Catherine Kelsall and James Carmichael

163 Grade 4: 1 Jade Holman

164 Grade 5: 1 Flora Bigham

165 Grade 6; 1. Naomi Everard

139 Age 15-17; Benjamin Parker

157 Novice Adult; 1. Jo Norris

137 Amateur Any Age: 1. Louise Russell

163b Sight-reading Grade 8; 1 Huw Griffiths

147 Bach Class Amateur Any Age; 1. Catherine Harry

138a French Composer; 1 Zoe Barnett

148 Beethoven Sonata Any Age; 1 Louise Russell

140 Open; 1 Timothy Rumsey, 2. Christopher Johnston and Philip Thompson

Chichester Festival of Music, Dance and Speech 2015

The String Section of the Festival was a very interesting and enjoyable event. All the performers showed an enthusiasm and dedication in their playing. They benefitted immensely from the insightful comments by our adjudicator Lesley Shrigley-Jones, who set the mood of the Festival with her encouraging words, which enabled all the participants to give of their best. She chose Poppy Tallis (violin) and Alexander Smith to share the Dibley Memorial Cup for the most promising string player for their outstanding performances.

Results for the String Section held on February 28th and March 1st.


Violin beginners: 1st Eva Durrant, 2nd Lottie Goringe. Violin under 8: 1st Imogen Restall, 2nd Eva Durrant. Violin age 8-9: 1st James McCallum. Violin age 10-11 1st Poppy Tallis, 2nd Eleanor Lynch-Williams. Violin amateur: Anna Lezdkan (V). Violin Grade 1: Martha Game. Gr. 2: Isabelle Durrant. Gr. 3: 1st Emily Langdown, cup to William Timberlake. Viola Gr. 1-3: Lara Simpson (V). Viola Gr. 4-5: Joshua Restall (V). Double bass beginners: Finlay Watts (V). Violin Gr. 4: 1st Lily Bristow. Violin Gr. 5: 1st Flora Bingham (V). Violin Gr. 6: 1st Poppy Tallis, 2nd Madeleine Upton. Violin adult: Lesley Kelsall. Violin duet Gr. 1-2 James McCallum & Francesca Aston, Isabelle Durrant & Oliver Durrant. Violin duet Gr. 3-4 Lily Bristow & Katherine Kelsall. Violin diet Gr. 5-6 Poppy Tallis & Flora Bingham. Violin duet Gr. 7-8 Lesley Kelsall &Lizzie Lynas. String duet: Edward & William Timberlake. Chamber Music u. 14: St George’s Strings. Family group: The Kelson family. Cello adult; Lisa Calvert-Smith. Cello group open: Westbourne cellos A & B. Ensemble open: Kempe String Orchestra.


Cello beginners: William Lynas (O). Cello age 9 and under: Martha Waddington. Cello duet Gr. 1-2: Amberley Warton &Charlotte Emsley. Cello Gr. 3: 1st Martha Waddington, 2nd Amberley Warton. Cello age 11-15 Harriet Hammans (V), Cello 18 & under Alexander Smith (O), Cello Bach class: Harriet Hammans (V). Cello amateur: 1st Stephen Smith (O), Kenji Luc (cup). Harp Gr 1-2 Rachel Wright (O).

(Attached photo: Lily Bristow, cup winner of Violin Grade 4.)