Ruby & The Revelators will be smokin' hot at the Festival of Chichester

Ruby and the Revs
Ruby and the Revs

Ruby & The Revelators are back with a part new line-up for this year’s Festival of Chichester.

Olivia Stevens, who sings as Ruby, is joined by new band members in a line-up that came together last year.

You can catch them in action at The Chichester Inn, 38 West Street, Chichester on Friday, June 21 at 8pm.

As Olivia says: “If you like your soul music smoking hot and your blues straight from the heart, do not miss this!

“It was last October that we started playing together. The drummer and the bassist are good friends so they have got a good synergy going together between them.”

The result has been a good year so far.

“We have had two new singles come out this year. The first was Leave A Little Light On which I co-wrote with Gwyneth Herbert which came out in January. It has been really well received and gets a really good response live. People are tapping into the emotion and the feeling of the song. It is quite dreamy.

“It is a song about self-sufficiency and about being on your own. I was away in a caravan alone with my dog, and the song is about the fact that if you haven’t got a partner, you have just got to crack on with things. It is about standing on your own two feet. Culture and society are very much geared towards couples, and being on your own is not too well supported or endorsed. But really the song just celebrates being an independent woman, and it is also about remembering a past relationship and looking back without resentment. It is also about having music in my life and that music makes me feel whole.

“The second single was Fire Up The Funk which was the complete opposite of Leave A Little Light On. It was the flipside really. Fire Up The Funk is fun. It has got no great layers of meaning. It is just me reminiscing about my clubbing days in London in the late 80s and early 90s when I went to some quite famous clubs. It is about remembering going out for a really good night out.”

Olivia hopes the two singles are leading towards an album: “My hope is a crowd-fund type campaign at some point this year hopefully to fund a new album or even an EP.

“Big productions cost big money, so I am thinking more about doing something fairly simple, something with a bit more of a roots feel, something a bit more stripped back.”

The gig will be at the Chichester Inn, always a favourite for Olivia: “We need more music venues in the area, but the Chichester Inn is one of the very few that you can do a gig in, where you can get a good intense engagement with the audience.

“You want an intense atmosphere in a good way with an audience that has chosen to be there, and the Chichester Inn is good. We are getting a good following of people that will turn out to support us.”

Also coming up: Saturday, June 22, 7.30pm. Wish We Were Pink Floyd, Assembly Room, North Street. See a laser show accompanying an array of Pink Floyd music with great guitar riffs and a tribute to the song-writing talents of the originals.

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