Enthusiasm for music venue plan for Chichester

A swell of support has followed the announcement of plans to create a large scale music venue in Chichester but there are doubts the proposals will be gain the permission they need to move ahead.

Thursday, 11th April 2019, 6:49 pm
Updated Thursday, 11th April 2019, 6:52 pm
Dominic (left) and Kieran

The venue in the old Feather & Black premises on Terminus Road is the idea of Kieran Stanley and Dominic Hawkins who say they have applied for planning permission from Chichester District Council.

The majority of comments on Facebook from Observer readers were behind the plans.

Emma Parrott wrote: “Yasssssssss! Can we have it 20 years ago, please?” while Gail Douthwaite said it would ‘hopefully will put Chichester back on the map’.

Others, like Trudi Harrison said the idea would ‘bring a bit of life to the city’, while Julian Webb said Chichester ‘really needs a good music venue’.

But there were doubts planning permission would be allowed.

Amanda Jarrett wrote: “Fantastic idea that will never happen – this is Chichester – I can just hear the cries of ‘not suitable for our city’ which, by the way, is already dead.”

Christopher Green commented: “A music venue to attract touring big name bands would be fantastic. What may be denied is a “night club” with dancing and dj’s.”

Ian Burgess noted planning for a night club in Terminus Road was refused several years ago but caberet singer Dawn Gracie said: “Hopefully opinion will change now that our city is losing so much and desperately needs this boost.”

Concerns from a few readers were mentioned over ‘weekend’ debris from late night events and possible parking issues.

But some, like Paula Chatfield were more positive: “Cautiously optimistic – with thoughtful planning (which some of your quotes suggest), it sounds fantastic.”

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