Falling in love with photography

'I am so passionate about photography '“ I'm in love with it!' was a beaming Chantale's opening gambit.

Tuesday, 13th November 2018, 11:34 am
Updated Tuesday, 13th November 2018, 4:37 pm
Chantale Goble, Photographer
Chantale Goble, Photographer

“Grandad got me into it. He wasn’t a photographer as such, but he was always taking photos and when he passed away his cameras were given to me.”

Discovering she had inherited her Grandad’s talent, Chantale went on to study photography at university. Unfortunately, having completed a successful foundation year, financial difficulties meant that she had to leave without graduating.

“Having that taken away made me all the more determined; I read everything I could and got as much work experience as possible,” she said, adding that being forced to be resourceful made her even more single-minded about achieving her ambition.

Now much in demand, Chantale specialises in portraits, events and wedding photography.

“I especially love weddings and I am a hopeless romantic! Obviously I wanted a good job, but my one wish was always to meet the perfect person and to fall in love. It is so lovely to see people in love and celebrating. All weddings are different and I love that.”

Aiming to capture those perfect ‘moments,’ Chantale told me how most people don’t like their photo being taken and that it is easier to get the best shots by blending into the background.

“Because I am a hopeless romantic I am good at spotting those special shots,” she smiled, agreeing that there is a trend for less formal wedding photos. “I think they work much better,” she said, explaining that she refuses to boss people around like a drill sergeant, as some wedding photographers are wont to do. Favouring a more subtle approach, she seizes many photo opportunities as they arise.

“I don’t think a wedding photographer should dictate the day. In my opinion I should be focussed on what you are doing,” she said.

And she does know a thing or two about romance, having recently used her role as the official photographer at Portsmouth Pride to propose to her partner.

“Pride is such a celebration of love and such a special and happy environment to be in. Georgia came along to Portsmouth to help me carry all my gear. I hate public speaking but I my cover story was that I would go on stage to talk about sponsorship and why I was involved. When I proposed Georgia was totally surprised. It was scary, but it shocked her and she said yes!”

Asked for her top wedding tips, Chantale says never underestimate the importance of having big umbrellas to hand on your big day.

“Nature is the one thing you can’t control and umbrellas also make fab props for photos.”

As for the drawbacks, she says her back gets sore carting all her equipment around.

“But the highs of the job are that everyone generally treats you like family and you meet a massive variety of people.

“Weddings are all about the emotion of the day and love is the common theme.”

Further information: www.goblephotography.co.uk