Little Britain star Matt Lucas returns to Chichester Festival Theatre stage

Matt Lucas: Photo by Johan Persson
Matt Lucas: Photo by Johan Persson

Little Britain star Matt Lucas is back in business in Me And My Girl on the Chichester Festival Theatre stage.

Last Monday, on the day of the big summer musical’s opening night, Matt was forced to pull out after being advised to rest his voice by a throat specialist.

He returned to the show four days later – with no repercussions.

CFT spokeswoman Lucinda Morrison said: “We were delighted to welcome Matt Lucas back to the show on Friday evening, since when audiences have been relishing his performance alongside those of the brilliant company.”

On opening night, CFT artistic director Daniel Evans took to the stage at the start of the show to tell a packed house that Lucas would not be appearing. Understudy Ryan Pidgen went on win to a standing ovation and loud roars from the audience for a flawless performance at just a few hours’ notice.

Matt tweeted a week ago, on the day of Me And My Girl opening night: “The doc stuck a camera up my throat and down my nose this afternoon and said I mustn’t speak for the next 48 hours.”

Last Friday, he confirmed: “Back onstage tonight in #MeAndMyGirl – a little croaky still, but excited!”

The show, which continues until August 25, sees Matt play Cockney barrow boy Bill Snibson who turns out to the long-lost heir to the Hareford title and all the riches that go with it.

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