REVIEW: Soul Sister, Mayflower Theatre, Southampton, until Saturday, November 17.

Emi Wokoma’s stunning performance is the life and soul of this terrific tribute to the great Tina Turner.

Culminating in a 20-minute concert recreation, the show goes through the tale of Turner’s volatile relationship with her creator and tormentor, the late Ike, sleazily played by Chris Tummings.

But as good as Tummings is, it’s Wokoma’s show from first to last, through changing times, changing songs and changing hairdos.

Simply the best, Wokoma completely nails it, delivering that mix of bravado and vulnerability which characterised Turner at her finest.

The show kicks off with Private Dancer, gobbling up her surely her greatest track, but there’s no dropping in quality as the hits tumble out.

Among the best are terrific covers of Honky Tonk Women and Help, but probably River Deep Mountain High just edges them all for impact.

Really, though, you could take your pick. With the musicians on-stage throughout, there’s a real frisson as Emi’s Turner struts and swaggers through all her personal stumbles.

A great night and most definitely one not to miss.

Phil Hewitt