Review: The Sleeping Beauty; Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

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When you’re going to see the English National Ballet, you can be reasonably safe in the knowledge you’ll be seeing a very professional, slick production.

Even so, watching their production of The Sleeping Beauty is still breath-taking.

Everything from the ballet dancing itself, to the stunning costumes and the superb music, sound and lighting, is top quality.

The show lasts for three hours, including two intervals, which may sound on the long side, but in fact it is so spell-binding that you won’t be checking your watch to see when it’s going to finish.

The ballet tells the story of Princess Aurora, played brilliantly by Fernanda Oliveira, a constant presence throughout. It starts with her christening and moves on to a procession of birthdays, marriages - with plenty of intrigue, drama and tragedy along the way.

One of my favourites elements of the show was the miming scenes. The way the cast get the story across without talking is remarkable.

The whole cast and behind-the-scenes team deserve congratulations for putting on a memorable piece of theatre.

This was my first taste of the ballet but it certainly gave me a desire for more.

The Sleeping Beauty is on at the Mayflower until Saturday (March 2).