REVIEW: Grease, Kings Theatre, Southsea, until Saturday, October 6.

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You expect Danny and Sandy - huffing, puffing, sulking and finally getting their act together - to steal the show; and Danny Bayne and Carina Gillespie certainly deliver.

But it was an extraordinary chubby vision in shimmering silver and purple that brought the house down at the Kings.

It seemed such a yawn, casting a chirpy astrologer as Grease’s Teen Angel, but Strictly Come Dancing legend Russell Grant - hip-swaying, pelvis-thrusting and having a ball - proved an inspired choice, hamming it up beautifully and enjoying it every bit as much as the crowd he set alight.

Perhaps Grease is just a wee bit too familiar; you know what’s going to happen and happen it duly does.

But after Grant’s high-impact little turn, finally the party started, new energy coursing through the whole thing as it raced to its One-That-I-Want finale.

Bayne gives it all the Danny swagger, playing the supercool dude far too cool for his own good; and Gillespie was perfect as naive little Sandy, a girl sweeter than she should be. After heaping all the obstacles they can in their own way, they manage to find common ground when Sandy dons the leathers = and we all go home happy: a classic musical staged with style.

Phil Hewitt