Chichester remembers French resistance hero Moulin

Jean Moulin
Jean Moulin

The department of humanities at the University of Chichester presents Moulin & Memory 75 Years On, from 4–7pm on Friday, June 8, free and open to all.

Spokeswoman Heather Robbins said: “This event will consider the memory of Jean Moulin, one of the central figures of resistance in France. Moulin served as General de Gaulle’s emissary in France, working to knit together the competing factions of resistance into a unified movement. He played a central role in creating the Conseil National de la Résistance, one of the foundation stones of the liberation of France. Tragically, Moulin was captured shortly after in Lyon in 1943 and fell into the hands of the infamous SS torturer Klaus Barbie.

“Professor Richard J Golsan (Texas A&M), Professor Rod Kedward (Sussex), Professor Hanna Diamond (Bath) and Andrew Smith (Chichester) will discuss Jean Moulin, the ways in which he is commemorated today and the trial of his torturer Klaus Barbie.”

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