Ice Break Productions present Our Man in Havana

THEATRE company Ice Break Productions will perform Our Man in Havana tomorrow (Thursday, November 15) and Friday (November 16).

Clive Francis’ adaptation of Graeme Green’s novel will be performed at The Riverside Theatre, Chichester College, at 7:30pm.

The play aims to transport its audience to 1950s Cuba and to the life of vacuum cleaner salesman, Mr Wormold, whose teenage daughter spends his money faster than he can earn it.

When a mysterious Englishman arrives on the scene, Wormold is offered an extra income providing he carries out a little espionage and files a few reports. Having buckled under financial temptation, Wormold soon realises he is tangled up in a world of spies and weapons, and is completely out of his depth.

I.B.P’s creative developer Ed Treagus-Stansmore said: “We’ve put our own crazy spin on a mad-cap story.”

With a cast of 40 characters played by just four actors the production is unique.

Director Daniel Humphreys said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of taking such a unique concept and applying it to the stage and have had the pleasure of directing a very talented cast.”

Tickets can be purchased by calling 01243 601943 or online at and