Looking for the meaning of life in Bognor!

Lovely & Jason - HelenMurray
Lovely & Jason - HelenMurray

Lovely & Jason offers a dark, surreal musical comedy about the best of friends as performer Sandy Foster takes to the stage in her home town of Bognor Regis for the first time since her sixth-form days.

As Sandy explains Lovely is a blue-eyed, blond-haired rosy-cheeked woman and Jason is her very plastic, very naked baby doll. Together they write music with strong moral messages and hope to change the world, one small child at time. But things haven’t been going well for the pair, and when they find themselves penniless, unsuccessful and already in their mid-30s, they realise it’s time to go back to their hometown of Bognor Regis to find out what it’s really all about.

Sandy brings the show to the studio at the Regis Centre on Saturday, April 13 at 8pm,

As she says, the show is a musical fairy tale set in Bognor for adults who suck at adulting. It offers nine songs, one and a half people and a huge mid-life crisis…

“The idea is that Lovely and Jason write music together, songs for children with strong moral messages… though this is not a show for children! But that’s what they do. The songs are very dark because they see life as painful and very harrowing.”

But it’s not an approach which leads to success. Destitute, they head home to Bognor: “They want to work out what life is all about. They are looking for the answers to everything in Bognor Regis. It’s certainly semi-autobiographical. I wrote it at 3am on the eve of my 35th birthday. I started from a genuine concern about what I was doing with my own life and where it was heading. Lovely is by no means Sandy, but I can’t help but pick up on a few autobiographical things – though I certainly don’t travel around primary schools playing dark songs! But the human side is that we are all trying to find out what the meaning of life is.”

Originally from Bognor, Sandy went to Felpham Community College: “I have very happy memories of growing up in Bognor and I love coming back. I left because I wanted to become an actor. I went to drama school in London and I have been there ever since. But I miss the simplicity of Bognor and the beauty of it. London is just full of angry people shouting at each other!

“I have got family there still so I come back very regularly to Bognor and I can see myself coming back more permanently one day. But the last time I performed in Bognor must have been while I was still at school. So this really does feel like coming home in more ways than one. I did the show in London and people from Bognor came to see it… so it just felt sensible to come and do it in Bognor.”

The performance comes as Sandy is limbering up for her second London Marathon, having completed the course last year. All the profits will be going to the charity she is running for – Womankind.

“They are an international charity that works all around the world helping women with equality, helping women in politics and stopping oppression and fighting female genital mutilation, working with women across lots of different issues.”

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