Reading your mind!


Shoreham’s very own mind-reader, magician and stand-up comedian David Terrence presents a high-energy show at the Ropetackle as he looks to take his act increasingly into the theatres.

The Fried Mind Show with David Terrence is at the venue on Friday, June 8 at 8pm.

“I moved back to Shoreham a few years ago,” says David.

“I was born in Shoreham but in the last ten years I have lived in Spain for eight years and then in Edinburgh, but now I have come back.

“This particular show is a light-hearted comedy mind-reading show for adults. There are no dead relatives contacted.

“There is nothing dark or mysterious about it. It is not psychic stuff.

“It is just fun, light-hearted comedy. People are invited up on stage and I predict things like lottery numbers and images. I also do a Russian roulette, though I don’t actually use guns!”

No one is ever picked on or embarrassed. Audience members will be selected and their thoughts revealed live on stage.

Despite there being a comical element to the show, David will not embarrass or pick on any audience members and everyone will have the opportunity to participate in some way, either during the interactive mind warm-up section or in the psychic mind-control demonstrations.

“I got into magic when I was about 11 years old. I was up in Liverpool. I was up there visiting family, and we were down at the Albert Dock. There was a man there selling magic tricks, and he made this handkerchief vanish before our eyes.

“From that day on, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

“I loved the reality of it and the not-reality, seeing this handkerchief actually disappear and then come back – and you could buy the trick for £2.50. That was me totally hooked.

“I developed the interest by getting magic books out of the library. These days all the tricks are on Youtube, but back then all you had was books in the library. I just started out doing magic shows for the family and for friends at parties, and it just developed from there. When I was about 20, I turned it into a full-time job.

“I think people love magic because it takes them away from reality. If they are worried about rent or mortgage or whatever, it just takes them away from their present moment.

“If it is a good show, people can escape. My style of magic is that I do the mind stuff. There are magic tricks, but really it is more mind based. That’s the last form left of magic that is believable for adults.

“If a handkerchief vanishes, you will think ‘Yes, OK, that is a trick’, but with mind-reading you are not so sure, especially if I can predict telephone numbers or see a picture they are thinking of.

“If they ask me at the end, I will tell them that it is all tricks. I don’t play it for real. I want people to be entertained by the end of the show. That’s the main thing, and if they want to believe in it all, they can, but if they want to know, I will tell them it is all tricks at the end.”

As for the future, David is hoping to move into more larger shows: “I do a lot of private events and private bookings, but I would like to do more public shows and venture out more into places like the Ropetackle and other theatres.

“That would be the dream. This isn’t my first time at the Ropetackle. Four or five years ago, I did a family show there, but this is totally different. I would just like to do more theatres now.”

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