REVIEW: Sister Act, Mayflower Theatre, Southampton, until Saturday, March 3.

Just get there. No excuses. Just be there.

For the uninitiated (the likes of me), Sister Act the stage musical exceeds every single expectation. For the initiated (and there are clearly plenty of them), the show is a complete delight which has them flocking back again and again.

Yes, it’s a good story packed with some great songs, but what really takes it to the next level is its mix of wit and humanity.

From first to last, the show is shot through with the most appealing sense of humour, but it doesn’t neglect to ponder - in the most entertaining of ways - a few of the great imponderables in a lovely tale of the most unlikely of sister acts.

After witnessing a murder, disco diva Deloris Van Cartier (a superb Cynthia Erivo) is placed in protective custody in the one place the cops are sure she won’t be found - a convent.

Which is when the fun really starts.

Her outspoken ways outrage the Mother Superior (beautifully played by Denise Black), but the rest of the nuns sense in her a love of life they are allowing to be stifled out of them.

It all leads up to a confrontation between Dolores and the head nun which leaves neither unchanged, but for all the questions it poses, the touch is never less than light as the great songs - from touching ballads to full-on dance numbers - just keep on coming.

It’s one of those shows where you just sit there smiling - and we all need a bit of that, don’t we.

Phil Hewitt