Titus Rowe is delighted to be back in panto in Bognor Regis!


Titus Rowe is relishing the thought of returning to Bognor’s Regis Centre in this year’s panto after a couple of years elsewhere.

“I loved it the first time. I was very impressed with the script and with the welcome at the Alexandra Theatre. It is just such a great place for pantomime. It’s the kind of place you want to be doing pantomime. You know that you are going to be there for an entire month so you are looking for somewhere that has got a bit of a family feeling to it. You want somewhere where you are made to feel really welcome and like you are part of it, and Bognor has got that. I love the place. It is very picturesque. It’s a lovely British seaside town.”

Titus will be playing Prince Charming, the kind of role he tends to go for in panto: “But I always try to add a little magic to the character. I want to get the magic of the story. For the children, that’s really important.”

And important too to explore the character: “Prince Charming is a lonely chap. He is fed up being seen by everybody for his money and for his status. He wants to be seen by people for who he really is. And he meets Cinderella, and it is boy meets girl, and it is a fantastic love story, and she gets to see him for who he really is. It all comes down to a love story, about acceptance, about accepting people for who they are, whatever their colour or beliefs or religion.

“I have done panto every single year for eight or nine years. I might take a break when I start a family… or maybe not! It will be lovely to introduce them to the magic of panto. I know it sounds corny, but I just love watching the reaction of the children. That’s the beauty of it all, and for a lot of children, it is their first experience of theatre.

“For me, pantomime is a great passion because it gives you that lovely connection to the audience, and that connection is something that transcends. For me, it is almost esoteric whenever you are on stage, whether you are in a big auditorium or a smaller theatre. There is something very special and important and exciting about it. I just love it.”

“For me, the theatre is the way by which society measures itself and expresses itself, whether you are watching light entertainment or something very serious.”

In between the pantos, Titus says he is happy to do anything that comes up. He has just enjoyed a run in a modern British musical Eugenius, a chance for the audience to meet Eugene, Janey and Feris as they reach for the stars and discover the superhero inside themselves.

“It has been great fun. It pays homage to the 1980s. It is about a young boy who is a bit of a geek who escapes into writing comic books and is picked up by Hollywood. I was playing a Shakespearean actor in it!”

The show ran until the middle of October, and the cast are hoping that it will enjoy a West End run next year if all goes well.

Cinderella will be at Bognor’s Regis Centre from Tuesday, December 11 to Wednesday, January 2. Tickets on http://alexandratheatre.co.uk.

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