Worthing street dance

Streetdance Academy
Streetdance Academy

Street Dance Academy Wannado Streetdance are bringing the sounds and dance moves of hip hop culture to Worthing this summer with a funk-filled carnival procession.

The Street Dance academy has teamed up with local hip hop collective Get it Together.

As well as featuring in this year’s Worthing Carnival, they are holding a hip hop workshop for children this summer called the 4 Elements Workshop.

Kerry Smith, founder of Wannado Streetdance, said “Worthing is quickly losing its reputation as a sleepy seaside town and has become really vibrant with lots of young families moving to the area.

“The timing is perfect for us to shake up Worthing Carnival with something different. We are passionate about bringing authentic Streetdance and Hip Hop culture to Worthing, and this will be a really fun way to showcase what we do. There will be breakdance demonstrations and a full-sound system on the Wannado carnival float with Get it Together DJs playing an eclectic mix of hip hop, funk and soul music.

“Children and parents will have the opportunity to join in the fun by following the float and joining in with some Streetdance moves! Parents will also be able to sign their children up for the 4 Elements Workshop which is taking place at Ivy Arch Dance Studios on Friday, August 31.

“The workshop features special guest Elijah Peart who is a Worthing-based musician and rapper known as Nelson Navarro, as well as guest DJ Ian from Brighton DJ collective Up2Scratch. “

Tristan Forshaw, co-founder of Get it Together, said: “Kerry has brought something very special to Worthing with the establishment of Wannado Streetdance and our collaboration on the 4 Elements workshop project has been fantastic.

“The workshop provides a great opportunity for children to experiment with their creative side by trying out street dance, graffiti art, DJ skills and lyric writing all in one day. The carnival float is a great opportunity to see what we do and there is one thing for certain; you won’t be able to miss our float at this year’s carnival.”

Kerry added: “Not only are these companies offering authentic hip hop culture experiences to the funky people of Worthing and beyond, but the Wannado Streetdance Academy are forming two of the only authentic streetdance crews in Worthing this year, (with ages six-16) to compete nationally in the authentic streetdance scene.

“With strong, consistent links to industry professionals, Wannado are hosting auditions on September 8, where Laura Sparkx from London’s The Locksmiths crew, will be leading a funk-filled masterclass for all enthusiastic streetdancers.”

Worthing Carnival takes place on the bank holiday Monday, August 27. See Wannado Streetdance Academy or Get it Together Facebook pages.