Learn to fly in Bognor Regis

Every wanted to take to the skies? Find out how this local gliding club can help you get your wings.

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Friday, 5th November 2021, 11:39 am
This would make a wonderful Christmas gift

One of the newest gliding clubs in the UK is situated here on the south coast, and has taster sessions, gift vouchers and full training available.

Bognor Regis Gliding Club, which is situated on the old LEC Airfield EGKC, says many people are turning to gliding after lockdown left them yearning for more me time, healthy outdoor exercise and fun.

“Gliding is an eco-friendly, active sport, that ticks so many boxes for members,” said Julian Hitchcock CFI BRGC.

A new hobby, or the first steps to a new career … this is how you can fly high in Bognor

And it’s a sport than can turn novices into lifelong enthusiasts, with experienced instructors supporting your journey.

He added: “Imagine soaring through the air looking down on the picturesque views, the sea glistening in the sun. If flying high in the clouds, soaring with the birds or, if you dare, a pure adrenalin rush flying aerobatics appeals, you certainly will have an unforgettable experience.”

The tarmac runway allows the club to operate all year round.

Who can take part?

The airfield has excellent facilities

Gliding is very accessible to all, including those on a modest budget. It’s possible to go solo at age 14.

Two of the instructors are current and former British team members, and former UK British aerobatic. “We can teach to whatever level you wish in any direction the sport takes you,” said Julian.

What’s the cost?

Your trial lesson is just £120 and gives you a minimum of 25 minute flight and includes 1 months membership, then as a new member you can fly the same flight for typically £45-£50.

On a trial flight you’ll get the chance to take the controls yourself, feeling how an aircraft weighing half a ton feels remarkably light at your fingertips.

Most student pilots go solo within a £500 to £700 budget, then gain a full EASA Sailplane license for £1,200-£1,500. Your EASA license can then be converted to an EASA TMG Touring Motor Glider for £3,500 - £4,500, depending on the pupil’s ability, via the BRGC experienced qualified CAA Flight Instructors.

What support is available?

The club is run in a professional basis, with a support volunteer community. The training fleet consists of three two seater training sailplanes and Touring Motor Gliders, along with two single seat sailplanes.

BRGC’s online booking system means you no longer arriving at the crack of dawn and leave late in the evening for just one flight. Members are able to book lessons online, arrive, prepare, fly and leave, although staying to help with the other volunteers is encouraged.

Whether you’re new to gliding, already learning to fly powered airplanes or an experienced pilot looking for a club that does things differently, look them up at www.brgc.co.uk