DVD Review: Salmon Fishing In The Yemen, (12), (107 mins), new on DVD from Blockbuster.

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen loses none of its charm on its transfer to the small screen – a delightful film which pushes all the right buttons.

There’s something slightly fairytale-like about the bonkers mission behind it all when a wealthy sheik decides that he wants to go fishing in the Yemen, however much it costs.

His problem is that he is going it alone in an act of hubris which alienates his locals.

But much of the interest lies in the Brits he hooks in his attempt to turn his dream into reality – the chalk and cheese pairing of Ewan McGregor’s Dr Alfred Jones and Emily Blunt’s Harriet Chetwode-Talbot.

Harriet is the sheik’s super-confident fixer; Jones is a dusty fisheries scientist in an even dustier marriage. It isn’t long before Harriet is discovering Jones’ essential decency and Jones is discovering Harriet’s vulnerability, particularly when her soldier boyfriend is reported missing.

With outwardly little in common, they start to discover that they’ve actually got everything in common as a touching little love story is played out against the sheik’s grandiose plans.

Excellent performances from everyone draw you in for a touching drama of hope, love and ambition – plus a little rediscovery. A beautiful film which offers settings to match the sheer quality of the acting.

Phil Hewitt

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