FILM: Arbitrage (15)

Richard Gere delivers one of the finest performances of his long and illustrious career in Nicholas Jarecki’s taut drama about the corrupting influence of money.

Multi-billionaire Robert Miller (Gere) is poised to sell his hedge fund and add to his vast profits.

Unbeknown to all his friends and family, including his wife Ellen (Susan Sarandon) and daughter Brooke (Brit Marling), Robert has massaged his accounts in order to avoid a lengthy spell in jail for fraud.

Just when it seems like he might get away with his misdemeanour, Robert is involved in a car accident and kills his mistress Julie (Laetitia Casta).

Determined to protect his reputation and ensure the sale of the hedge fund proceeds without delay, Robert calls on a shady acquaintance (Nate Parker) to help him cover up the crime, but a tenacious police detective (Tim Roth) is on his trail and is determined to secure a conviction.

Released: March 1 (UK & Ireland, selected cinemas), 107 mins