FILM: Blood (15)

Joe (Paul Bettany) and his brother Chrissie (Stephen Graham) are police detectives who have always lived in the shadow of their father, Lenny (Brian Cox) - a giant of a man who once ran the department and became a cornerstone of the local community.

Sadly, Lenny is in the early stages of dementia and is slowly slipping away from his two boys, who are still desperate to prove themselves in the old man’s vacant eyes.

Joe and Chrissie are assigned to investigate a crime they perpetrated and have to tread carefully to avoid tripping each other up in front of their tenacious colleague, Robert (Mark Strong).

Fractures appear in the brothers’ relationship and fear and paranoia gradually turn Joe and Chrissie against each other in a hard-fought battle for acceptance and survival.

Released: May 31 (UK, selected cinemas), 92 mins