FILM: Do Elephants Pray? (15)

Callum Cutter (Jonnie Hurn) runs an ailing advertising company that has just landed the account of an apparently unsellable product.

With the help of his team including Marrlen (Marc Warren) and slacker Jode (John Last), Callum must conceive a brilliant campaign in a soulless world where money talks louder than creativity or morals.

Out of the blue, Callum meets free-spirit Malika (Julie Dray), who challenges everything he holds dear and encourages the advertising head honcho to join her for a countryside retreat.

Abandoning his employees at a critical juncture, Callum heads to France with Malika, where his perception of the world is warped beyond all recognition and he gains a refreshing insight to the advertising campaign.

Released: February 1 (UK, selected cinemas), 108 mins