FILM: Mother and Child (15)

Rodrigo Garcia writes and directs this ensemble drama, stitching together the stories of three women who are marked by very different experiences of motherhood.

Hard-nosed attorney Elizabeth (Naomi Watts) has no interest in raising a family, having been given away at birth by the biological mother she never knew.

She secures a position at a prestigious firm and begins an affair with married boss Paul (Samuel L Jackson).

Then, unthinkably, she falls pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s mother Karen (Annette Bening) continues to be haunted by her decision to give away her daughter at the age of 14.

With the support of a new man, Paco (Jimmy Smits), she approaches Sister Joanne (Cherry Jones) at the adoption agency to track down her child. Elsewhere, talented baker Lucy (Kerry Washington) is desperate to become a mother but she is unable to fall pregnant with her husband, Joseph (David Ramsey).

So they contact Sister Joanne to put themselves forward as potential parents to an unwanted child.

Released: January 6 (UK & Ireland, selected cinemas), 126 mins