FILM REVIEW: In Time (12A)

THIRTEEN-year-old reader, Duncan Stenhouse, sent us this review of Justin Timberlake’s latest film:

In Time is the new spectacular blockbuster starring singer/actor Justin Timberlake and Dear John’s Amanda Seyfried.

The film is set in the near-future where all money has been replaced with time, for example four minutes for a cup of coffee.

People are supposed to live until 25 years old and then they get 1 year extra before they die.

They can earn extra time by working or gambling.

This system was designed so the rich people and all businessmen have enough money to live forever whereas the poor have to fight for life each day.

Special police called Timekeepers, led by Cillian Murphy, are there to make sure no large sums of time fall into poor people’s hands upsetting the system.

However, when factory worker Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) gets donated 100 years from a suicidal businessman he becomes the Timekeepers’ public enemy number one.

After Will kidnaps a multi-billionaire tycoon’s beautiful daughter, Sylvia (Amanda Seyfried), the pair plot to steal millions of amounts of time from her father and give it away for free.

Overall, this film is outstanding and is worth a watch, nothing like your everyday boring science-fiction film.

The sound is perfect, the plot easy to grasp and could be rated a PG with a few minor tweaks.

However, those of you who have watched the very misleading trailer may think that it is an action packed, people getting shot every five seconds, type of movie, but you have got the wrong end of the stick.

There are only a few fight scenes throughout the film as well as one muttered and hard to hear use of strong language unlike Run Fat Boy Run which contains four.

A definite 9/10 from me and my grandpa.

I hope you enjoy the film if you go to see it and I hope that my review has helped make your decision.