FILM: Starbuck (15)

Ken Scott directs and co-writes this comedy about a heavily indebted man who discovers that he has fathered hundreds of children through his donations to a sperm bank.

As an impoverished young man, David Wozniak (Patrick Huard) supplemented his income by making regular visits to his local sperm clinic.

He gave little thought to the people whose lives he would change for the better, just to the cash in his pocket.

Two decades later, the forty-something slacker is coming to terms with news that his girlfriend Valerie (Julie LeBreton) is pregnant and doesn’t think he has the maturity to be a father.

Soon after, David discovers that thanks to his donations, he has more than 500 offspring and 142 of them have united in a legal battle to reveal the identity of their biological father, who is known only as Starbuck.

David works as a meat-delivery man and is saddled with debt, and fears that Valerie may be right about his poor credentials as a parent.

So he secretly tracks down his children one by one, worms his way into their lives and changes their fortunes for the better.

Released: November 23 (selected cinemas), 108 mins)