FILM: Super

WRITTEN and directed by James Gunn, this raucous and potty-mouthed comedy follows an everyman who transforms into a superhero, even though he doesn’t have any remarkable powers worthy of his fetching red spandex costume.

Short order cook Frank D’Arbo (Rainn Wilson) is devastated when his wife Sarah (Liv Tyler), a reformed drug addict, falls back into the clutches of her drug dealer ex-boyfriend Jacques (Kevin Bacon).

Determined to win her back, Frank reinvents himself as a costumed superhero called The Crimson Bolt, who doles out rough justice using his trusty wrench.

When his initial efforts go horribly awry, Frank seeks guidance from comic book geek Libby (Ellen Page), who tells him to recruit a sidekick.

After a ramshackle audition process, Frank hires the demented Boltie (Page again) to be his right-hand gal.

However, it’s going to take more than razor-sharp one-liners to outwit Jacques and his thuggish henchman (Michael Rooker).

By Damon Smith.

Released: July 8 (UK, selected cinemas) (18, 96 mins)