FILM: The Stone Roses: Made Of Stone (15)

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Stones Roses, led by singer Ian Brown and guitarist John Squire, were riding on the crest of a wave of critical adulation for their eponymous debut album.

Personal rifts and infighting gradually tore the band apart and when a second album was met with less critical kudos, the members decided to go their separate ways.

After 15 years of bitter estrangement, fans were stunned and delighted when the Stones Roses announced a reunion culminating in three high-profile dates in their home city of Manchester.

Celebrated director Shane Meadows (This Is England) charts the rise of band from the ashes as they step back into the spotlight, facing painful questions about the past and nervously looking forward to a glorious return to the stage.

Released: June 5 (UK & Ireland, selected cinemas), 96 mins