FILM: Therese Desqueyroux (12A)

Adapted from the Franvois Mauriac novel of the same name, Therese Desqueyroux is a passionate historical drama, which screened as the closing night film of the 2012 Cannes Film Festival shortly after the death of director Claude Miller.

In late 1920s France, Therese (Audrey Tautou) is drawn to her charismatic neighbour, Bernard (Gilles Lellouch), and they marry, creating a vast estate in the heart of south-west France.

The tedium of rural life fails to suit Therese, who craves the excitement and bright lights of Paris. Alas, she cannot leave her husband, so instead she fantasises about extricating herself from the drudge.

One day, Bernard accidentally poisons himself with arsenic but the finger of suspicion points at Therese and she is tried for attempted murder, bringing shame upon her family.

With a wealth of evidence against her, Therese must prove her innocence if she is ever to realise her dreams of living in the French capital.

Released: June 7 (UK & Ireland, selected cinemas), 110 mins