‘Round my corner’ - Around my corner - Portsmouth

We have teamed up with the National Youth Film Festival Awards to showcase the best of teenage UK talent in a short-film contest.

Film details and synopsis:

Round my corner - Around my corner

Round my corner - Around my corner

This film was made by Sam Osborne aged 14 from Clanfield in Hampshire.

While rushing putting on his socks A man accidentally pings on of his socks on the floor, where it is met by a sock hungry dog! The man trys to retrieve the sock, but finds himself in conflict with the dog trying to get it back!

The ‘Round My Corner’ competition focused on family, friends and local neighbourhoods and could have been filmed on anything from a professional video camera to a smartphone.

To enter, you had to be aged between 14 and 19 and produce a film no longer than three minutes in length based on what ‘Round My Corner’ means to you.

Although the competition is now closed, you can still send us your videos highlighting anything that may be happening in the area around you.