Tangmere business uses flowers to help combat negative emotions

A Tangmere woman has launched a business which uses flower essence to help alleviate negative emotions

Tuesday, 20th July 2021, 3:28 pm
Updated Wednesday, 21st July 2021, 7:33 am

Flowers have been used in products for hundreds of years and Remedies by Ros uses the essence to treat, and eventually remove, negative emotions and feelings.

When Ros Thompson was furloughed from her job in April 2020 she decided to become self-employed and became a full time practitioner.

Ros combines Bach Flower Remedies products with other therapies including counselling, Reiki, reflexology, Indian head massage and kinesiology to help her clients overcome their struggles.

Ros Thompson

The remedies are made using a unique process, which takes specific flowers in their pristine state and soaks them in the sun or boiling water, leaving an essence which is then blended into one of 38 different remedies.

She first discovered the products in 2000, when she had a ‘fiesty’ pony called Moonbeam, who frequently tried to run away and showed signs of extreme fear.

She was recommended using the products on her pony and within three days, its behaviour stopped and it went on to live for a further 17 years.

Ros said: “I knew from that point that I needed to find out more about the products. I was so impressed that it even worked on animals that I knew I needed to learn more and help others to discover them.”

She went on to study the products and in 2013 became a practitioner, combining the products with counselling – all alongside working full-time in the corporate world.

Each of the remedies she creates helps to remove a different negative emotion, feeling or symptom of mental illness, including anxiety, pre-menstrual tension, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Ros currently offers consultations and counselling via video conferencing platform Zoom, before prescribing a blend of up to seven remedies to best serve her clients.

She said that online networking has helped her business survive and thrive.

She said: “When I was furloughed, I said to my husband “what am I going to do?”. I knew I needed to do something, and I knew that’s what I would do.

“I used online networking to help me grow my client base and now I have helped people across the UK.

“Without online networking I wouldn’t have a business and I wouldn’t have been able to help so many people.

“My aim has always been to tell people how amazing and transformational the products are.”

To find out more visit Ros’s website, visit remediesbyros.com