College students impress Lee Stafford at hair competition

Chichester College students impressed judges at the Lee Stafford Education national student competition and returned with three of the top prizes at the event.

Wednesday, 4th April 2018, 2:23 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:43 am
Student of the year Nina Blisset with Lee Stafford
Student of the year Nina Blisset with Lee Stafford

All nine of Lee Stafford Education partner colleges went head to head in London on Friday, March 9.

Student Nina Blisset managed to take home the big prize when she was named Student of the Year, in recognition of the beautiful execution of her styling and high standard of her work.

Students from the college Jesse Courtney and Nina both took first place in their respective categories.

Chichester Colleges Latest master trainers with Lee Stafford

The categories included Cut and Colour and Mash-Up which consisted of a creative cut with a colour.

Student of the year Nina Blisset said: “To be honest, it feels a bit surreal. I had a challenging run up to the competition, as I struggled to secure a model. It all came together at the last minute, so I just thought I’d go and enjoy the experience which I did.

“It was a total shock when, out of all the people there, they said I had won! I really expected to hear a different name and I just thought ‘was that my name’ – then everyone around me started cheering. I couldn’t believe it!”

Head of learning for service industries, Julie Williams said: “This is an amazing achievement for our students and staff.

“For Nina and Jesse to both pick up awards is outstanding, and to have another of our students achieve the title ‘Student of the Year’ really recognises the hard work and dedication the team demonstrate every day.”

Subsequently to the competition Lee Stafford visited Chichester College to host an employer evening showing techniques in order to train new stylists.

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