‘Frustratingly quiet’ week for jabs in Selsey due to vaccine supply

The Selsey Centre has only be able to open for vaccinations for one day this week, a spokesman said.

Friday, 5th March 2021, 5:01 pm
A vial for the first available Covid-19 immunisation, Pfizer-BioNTech’s mRNA vaccine

This is because the centre has received ‘a very small quantity of vaccine’.

The team was only able to see people today and delivered more than 470 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to patients in the morning.

“This is a record performance for the team and shows how efficient and successful this local site can be,” the spokesman said.

“It also means that we are very near to completing the rollout of first doses to cohorts 1-7 (age 60 and over, plus younger patients in at-risk groups).”

The team said they had recently been told that the time frame for second doses may be brought forward.

This means that instead of waiting for 12 weeks for the booster, patients may be called as early as the ninth week.

“We will be sharing detailed information about this as soon as we know more, and we recommend keeping an eye on our vaccination web page https://www.selseymedicalpractice.co.uk/covid-vaccination as well as our updates on social media,” the spokesman said.

“If you are still waiting for your first dose, please don’t panic as we will be running clinics for first and second doses at the same time.

“We will be giving you the same type of vaccine for the second dose - for example; if you had Pfizer first time, you would also have Pfizer for the second dose.”

The team is encouraging the relatives and neighbours of people over the age of 80 to help share information with them about the second vaccination, and also help them make a booking if necessary.

The centre plans to provide a phone number and email address where the bookings team can be contacted but will also make use of the GP lists as they did before.

The spokesman said: “We think next week will be another frustratingly quiet one as we have no more vaccine, but we have been promised a bountiful supply after Mother’s Day, so we expect to become really busy again in the week beginning 15th March.

“It was lovely to hear so many kind comments today and the team felt that Spring was in the air as the doors to the hall were open, allowing in some welcome sunshine.

“It feels like we are beginning to move into a brighter, new season in more ways than one.”