Explore the wonderful world of Bognor's Tomm Jewellery

From selling her school friends headphone winders at a profit to now running a jewellery empire it is clear this 20-year-old entrepreneur always had her eyes on the gold.

Friday, 27th December 2019, 1:25 pm
Updated Friday, 27th December 2019, 1:31 pm
TOMM Jewellery

Bognor businesswoman, Lucy Toone, has spent the last year hosting parties, attending various events and meeting hundreds of customer’s wish lists with various bespoke accessories under her brand Tomm Jewellery.

In addition to running every element of her busy business every day of the week, Lucy ensures that she keeps her thousands of followers up to date, whether this is through giveaway competitions or blogging videos through Instagram.

Despite Tomm Jewellery being only a year old, the business has gone from strength to strength over the past year but this has not surprised Lucy’s family and friends as creating bespoke bracelets has always been a passion of hers from a very young age.

TOMM jewellery

Lucy explains: “I have always had a bit of a business head on my shoulders and it all started when I was younger and realised that my headphones were constantly getting tangled up.

“After purchasing a very cheap headphone winder, I noticed so many of my friends had the same need and, I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I decided to buy loads and sell them at a little profit. I guess it at started here.”

Although Lucy clearly had an immediate flare for business skills, learning the practical side of working with tiny beads and intricate jewellery elements is a whole other ordeal in itself.

Fortunately Lucy already had experience with working with making products on a very small scale and this started through her fathers fisherman antics.

TOMM Jewellery

“My dad had always enjoyed fishing and a major part of his trips included fly fishing and in order to keep my occupied and involved I started helping my dad with the creation of the fish flies,” Lucy says.

“Like any other girl I made beaded bracelets for myself and my friends when I was younger but never did I think that making the fish flies would improve my creation skills in other ways but it did.”

Lucy continued to make uniquely designed bracelets and other pieces as more of a hobby throughout her early teen years and only on request of friends and family.

After Lucy finished school she went onto college to focus on media studies where she learnt key marketing strategies which allowed her to later on pursue freelance marketing. Shortly after finishing college, Lucy joined the Chichester House of Fraser team and worked in the makeup sector.

So I ask Lucy why ‘Tomm Jewellery’?

“I am asked to frequently where the name came from and truly there are two key reasons, firstly I was always called a ‘tomboy’ growing up and to contrast this with my everything pink branding I think is great.

“Secondly I was made aware that Tom Foolery is Cockney rhyming slang for jewellery so that made it fit even better.”

Despite only releasing the brand onto social media back in March 2018 and an official website in February this year, Tomm Jewellery has featured at endless events from Victorious Festival to various salon launches, jewellery parties and a number of publications.

At only 20 years old Lucy now spends every single day of the week keeping up with the thousands of bespoke orders, consistent stock updates, marketing her brand and every other vital tool with running a successful business, I ask just how does she stay so motivated?

“Combining my passion with making a living is what keeps me going alongside my supportive family and the many kind words and reviews from customers,” she says.

It is certainly exciting to see what the next shining moment is for this hardworking jewellery queen.

You can follow Tomm Jewellery on Instagram – @tommjewelleryOr visit the website – www.tommjewellery.comPictures: Lucy Toone