Burst pipe leaves cul-de-sac covered in water


A burst mains pipe left a Chichester cul-de-sac covered in water yesterday (September 9)

A video posted to Twitter showed water coming up from underneath pavements in Royal Close and covering around 150 yards of road.

Owen Austin, 18, from Aldwick, Bognor Regis said: "I was just coming up to the road and there was a lot of water coming up from the road.

"What had happened it that a mains pipe must have burst. I was just worried because it was in an area where lots of older people would live."

Owen said he had spoken to a resident nearby who told him the water had 'started as a small leak' but after being 'left untouched' had got worse.

A spokesman for Portsmouth Water confirmed that there had been four inch burst main reported at around 2.40pm.

"It was repaired by nine o'clock the same day. We got out there as quick we could and repaired it."

He added that although it isn't common, a burst main can happen with conditions.