Compulsory purchase order ‘considered’ for Tangmere homes

Tangmere Illustrative Masterplan
Tangmere Illustrative Masterplan

A housing site for 1,000 homes west of Tangmere could be compulsory purchased by Chichester District Council.

Residents living close to the 190 acres of ‘strategic development’ land have received letters advising that the council is looking to ‘bring forward’ the scheme by buying some or all of the land.

The letter explains the council will be issuing formal notices about home ownership information but the notices ‘do not automatically mean your property will be required for the scheme’.

Compulsory purchase orders allow certain bodies, such as district councils, to force the sale of land at market value for development when it is in the public interest.

All CPOs are subject to approval by the relevant government minister and can include compensation.

In 2016, a CPO for all or part of the Tangmere site was approved in principle by Chichester District Council cabinet as talks with landowners stalled.

The report noted that any further delay would ‘have major consequences’ for the area’s five year plan and ‘leave a serious gap in the projected housing supply’.

Residents were informed last year that the village could gain another 500 homes in addition to the 1,000 homes planned.

Have you recieved a letter or are you affected? Contact reporter Anna Khoo on 01243 534153.