COUNTY NEWS: Grandmother searches for Mr Right after Hong Kong flight

When Lilly Heng set eyes on a tall, dark and handsome stranger at Gatwick Airport before a flight to Hong Kong, she knew he was '˜the one'.

Tuesday, 1st August 2017, 12:29 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:22 pm
Lilly Heng from Houndslow is trying to track down a Littlehampton man she met on a flight to Hong Kong

A happy ending was snatched away after the pair forgot to swap contact details – but the grandmother-of-two from Hounslow still wants to be reunited with her Littlehampton love.

She said: “I want to tell him that I would love to meet him again. I have never felt so happy with a man before.”

The pair met before boarding a 12.45am Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong on December 7 last year.

The Malaysian said her first thoughts were he was ‘very nice, tall and handsome’.

She described him as white, slim and clean shaven with slicked back dark hair and said he was wearing a green suit.

During their conversation, she found out he was 67 and a managing director of a Sussex-based company that makes screws for the engineering and construction industries and that he was on a business trip.

She said sparks flew when they talked: “He said ‘your shoes are very nice’, and I said ‘you can buy them in TK Maxx’ but I was thinking ‘you need to say my face is nice, not my shoes!’”

The hairdresser looked at his hand to see if he was wearing a wedding ring – and thankfully for her, there was not one to be seen and he confirmed he was single.

Once on the plane, Lilly’s mystery man sat first class – but he came to find her back in economy class where she was sat.

Once the pair landed, they had one last encounter before parting ways – and she felt he wanted to tell her something but did not know how.

Sadly, Lilly cannot remember the name of her mystery man – but she knows he is from Littlehampton.

So the lovestruck jetsetter recently got a £60 taxi from her home in Spring Grove Crescent, Hounslow and travelled 60 miles to Littlehampton to find her love, visiting shops in the town centre with the hope of finding him.

Her neighbour Poonam Virdi described Lilly as a ‘vibrant lady’ and wanted them to meet ‘in a safe way’: “I want her to find this person she has been thinking about continously, and I hope there is a happy ending to this.”

Lilly has lived in England for 40 years and can speak five languages, including Mandarin. She has one son and two grandchildren.

If you think you are her mystery man, call 07783 159128.