Two sentenced after 'violent fight' broke out in supermarket

Sussex Police said two men were sentenced after a 'violent fight' in a Sussex supermarket which saw one man stabbed with a broken bottle.

Tuesday, 12th February 2019, 3:52 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th February 2019, 3:57 pm
The aftermath of the fight in the supermarker

The incident took place at the Co-Op in Hangleton Way, Hove, on the afternoon of June 11.

Police said Matthew White, 34, a glazier, of Hangleton Way, Hove, was arrested at the scene.

The other suspect had left the store, but was identified as John McLoughin, 34, a builder, of Egmont Road, Hove, police said. He was arrested at his address shortly afterwards.

The aftermath of the fight in the supermarker

Officers said during the fight, White had smashed a glass bottle over McLoughin’s head, then used the broken bottle to stab him in the neck.

He was subsequently charged with affray.

McLoughin was taken to Royal Sussex County Hospital for treatment, and then transported to custody.

Police said: "Throughout, he was both physically and verbally abusive to police and paramedics."

John McLoughin

McLoughin was subsequently charged with affray and common assault.

Both defendants pleaded guilty to the offences and were sentenced at Lewes Crown Court on Monday (February 11).

White was handed a 12-month prison sentence – suspended for two years – and McLoughin received an immediate 15-month prison sentence.

A further suspect was also arrested following the incident, however he was later released without charge on advice from the Crown Prosecution Service.

Detective Constable Scarlett Millar of Brighton Investigations said: “Thanks to the excellent work of our response and investigations teams, working with paramedics and witnesses at the scene, we were able to secure convictions against two clearly very violent individuals.

“No matter the circumstances, there is no excuse for this level of violence, especially in a public place.

“The defendants used various items of stock from the shelves to assault each other with, most notably a glass bottle, which could have caused significant harm. In doing so, they also caused thousands of pounds worth of damage, which the company has been able to claim on insurance.

“Their sentences serve as a reminder that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated in Sussex, and we will deal robustly with offenders involved in such incidents.”