Westbourne Scouts give Second World War hut remains at Hollybank Woods some TLC

The remains of a concrete hut used by the Free French Army during the Second World War have been preserved thanks to the efforts of a group of scouts.

Thursday, 7th November 2019, 1:49 pm
Westbourne Scouts SUS-190511-152142001

The youngsters from 1st Westbourne Scout group carried out the work at Hollybank Woods in Emsworth as part of their World Challenge Award for which they need to play an active part in an environmental project

The Scouts were tasked with removing young saplings and replanting them elsewhere in the woods using small trowels to gently remove the plants and their roots.

The group faced many hurdles and challenges whilst trying to complete their project. One of the more difficult tasks included removing small trees and brambles. This presented them with a challenge as they discovered that many of the small trees had rooted into the concrete base of the old hut.

Another hurdle the Scouts faced was clearing the dirt off the concrete floor of the hut. They used a variety of different tools, as well as their hands to reveal the concrete floor, which hasn’t been visible for decades.

After all their hard work, the Scouts stopped for a well earned break, when they feasted on sweet treats and hot chocolates.

Throughout the day the Scouts worked to compile a nature habitat pile, this consisted of layers of foliage and dirt. The Scouts had permission from the Hollybank Woods forestry operation to cut down any trees which had grown in the remains of the hut. They cut the branches and added them to their growing habitat pile. They finished their project by raking up any leaves from the fallen trees and the loose roots.

Evie Barlett, one of the Scouts involved, said: “We stood back and admired what we had done in just a day.

“I felt proud and accomplished, I’m sure the other scouts did too.

“I will say on behalf of all the scouts a massive thank you to all the leaders as it wouldn’t be possible to do it without them.”

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